Grade 4 & 5 Maths

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What’s Included?

  • 19 short video lessons (3-5 minutes long).
  • Quizzes to match each lesson.
  • A variety of matching worksheets.
  • Copious amounts of mental math worksheets.
  • Word problem task cards (50 questions).
  • Real world application tasks.
  • Boom Cards for online interactive learning.
  • And all of the bundles below!

Also Included...

Bundles of fantastic resources to support your child’s learning! All of the resources are allocated to individual lessons with a few extras at the beginning of the course. Complete the video, do the worksheets, ace the quiz!

Boom Cards

As a teacher, I know that Maths in grade 4 & 5 starts to get challenging! A lot of concepts covered in Grade 3 start to expand and can be difficult for children. A lot of new concepts emerge which need to be taught explicitly and can be easily forgotten.

In this series of lessons, I’ll break down a range of math concepts in great detail and provide examples for students to understand better. Use these lessons to get a jump start on your child’s learning in grade 4 & 5 Mathematics, or even as revision. 1 Hour a week working on these math concepts will help your children significantly on their learning journey.

Each lesson has a video and a quiz. Most lessons also include worksheets or extra resources.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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