Free Online Math Games

These free online math games are a great way for your children or students to work on math concepts in a fun and engaging way! It is important for students to learn math concepts in isolation and then have the opportunity to practice them. These games are a great way to reinforce their understanding of new mathematical concepts and to practice over and over again. Use these engaging games with the linked worksheets (on the right) for maximum improvement! Practice for 20 minutes a night and you will see wonderful progress in your children!

Mental Math Games

Times tables are vital for student development in Mathematics. Students must be autonomous in their recall of multiplication facts in order to avoid simple errors when calculating. Have your students practice their times tables every night for a month, and you will see wonderful progress that will have a large impact on their math skills.

This times table game is a fun way for your children to practice! Link this in with grade 4 mental math worksheets and your students will be masters!

This division game will really test your students mental math skills. They’ll need to apply their mental strategies to complete the hardest level.

Activity: Give your students 5 chances on this division game and have them find their average. Write the top 5 averages on the whiteboard and challenge students to beat them! 

Children love a good challenge. Give them these grade 5 mental math worksheets and have them time themselves! They’ll love it.

Mental math addition is extremely important. The ability to add numbers quickly helps students solve equations with efficiency. This addition game has 3 levels and challenges children to answer 20 questions in 60 seconds. It certainly is a challenge!

This addition game is a great way to engage your students and work on mental math addition at the same time! Link this in with grade 3 mental math addition worksheets and your students will be masters!

This mental math subtraction game will test your students! They have 60 seconds to answer 20 subtraction questions. 

Activity: Have your students play 5 times each, record their times and find the average. Do this once a week and have your students plot their weekly average into a line graph! So they’re not only working on subtraction, they’re also doing averages & line graphs!

Then for homework, give them grade 5 mental math worksheets! Your class will be mental math masters in no time!

Free Mental Math Worksheets

Combine these games with these free mental math worksheets to get the most out of your students. The free worksheets from FMW cover a range of concepts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, adding fractions, conversions, fractions of numbers, identifying fractions, adding decimals, ordering decimals, algebra, patterns, place value and much more! Play the games for 10 minutes a night and do the mental math worksheets for another 10 minutes. You’ll see great progress in a matter of weeks!

More Free Online Math Games

For more free games, check out Math Frame’s most popular free games! They have a variety of games relating to a number of different topics to help your children improve!

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