Grade 6 Percentage Worksheets

Grade 6 Percentage Worksheets

Free grade 6 percentage worksheets to help your students develop their skills in Mathematics. Understanding percentages can be tricky, but it just takes practice! Use these free worksheets to engage your students when working with percentages. There are so many ways to make this maths topic interesting for your students. Teach your students how to find percentages of numbers, and how to convert between fractions, decimals & percentages. Then, engage them in the topic with rich, real life activities that are fun! Use these free worksheets to get you started! If you need more worksheets, check out Math Salamanders. They have a bunch of free percentage worksheets and some handy information on how to find the percentage of a number. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Grade 4-7

70 weeks of daily mental maths.

Percentages of a Number

Finding the percentage of a number is the first step to finding sale/new prices. Use these free worksheets as a starter. Challenge your students to do the first column mentally and then use a calculator for the second column. 

Percentages of a Number Activity

This free percentage of a number activity is a great way to apply percentages to real world situations. Engage your students with Jimbo’s shopping adventure and help him find the sale prices of his new furniture! Use the PowerPoint version to adjust the activity for your students.

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