Grade 5 Area and Perimeter

Grade 5 Area and Perimeter Worksheets

Free grade 5 area and perimeter worksheets to help your students in Mathematics. Area and perimeter can be tricky for students, but it just takes practice! Use these free worksheets to help your students understand the steps involved in finding the area and perimeter of shapes. 

Area & Perimeter Worksheets

Finding the area shapes is not as tricky as your students think! It just takes practice. Use these worksheets below to help your students, and then, use the PowerPoint above to get your students applying their knowledge to real world situations. Your students will be masters of area and perimeter in no time!

Area & Perimeter Worksheets

These worksheets are a little bit trickier and will test your students knowledge of composite shapes. They’re great for independent work and provide the repetition that your students need. Remember to teach them how to find the area of composite shapes before using these worksheets. If these are too easy, try grade 6 area and perimeter worksheets. They require students to find the unknown side of the composite shapes.

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