Grade 4 Mental Maths Worksheets

These free grade 4 mental maths worksheets are great for developing efficiency in Mathematics. Mental maths is vital and must be done daily in grade 4. Give these worksheets to your students during your maths warm up to ensure they’re practising every day. Alternatively, give it to them for homework! Three weeks of homework ready to go. Click to download and print.

Grade 4 Mental Maths

Addition & Subtraction Mental Math

Multiplication & Division Mental Math

Mental Math Strategy - Subtraction

Mental math subtraction can be challenging for students. There are a number of strategies to help improve your students’ subtraction skills. In my class, I teach the students to work from right to left and add to the number, rather than subtract. 

Example 1: 47 – 23 = ___ So, instead of working left to right, I tell my students to work from right to left. In this example, we go from 23 to 47 and try to find the difference. 23 + 24 = 47. So our answer is 24.

Example 2: 79 – 31 = ___ Again, work from right to left. 31 + 48 = 79. So our answer is 48.

Example 3: 180 – 120 = ___ Work from right to left, 120 + 60 = 180. Our answer is 60.

This is a great mental math strategy for students and it adds to their ‘strategy tool box’. It also helps them develop their partitioning skills which are crucial in mental maths. 

Teach your students this strategy and use the free worksheets to apply it. They might start off slow, but with repetition, they’ll improve quickly and this strategy will become second nature!

For more great mental math strategies, check out Math Mammoth! They have a range of mental math techniques to help your students.

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