Grade 1 Number Patterns Worksheets

Free grade 1 number patterns worksheets to help your students in Mathematics. Recognising patterns in numbers is an important skill and takes practice to improve. Give your students these worksheets as a challenge! If they’re too simple, give them a time challenge. They’ll love it! Number patterns should be done weekly to ensure students improve in recognising patterns quickly. Click to download and print.

Number Patterns Worksheets

These number patterns worksheets will test students on their ability to recognize patterns where the sequence is at the beginning. Challenge your students and see how they go!

Challenging Patterns

These worksheets are a bit more challenging as students need to recognize the pattern and work back and forward! There are some tricky number patterns that will test your children! 

Grade 1 & 2 Mental Maths

60 weeks of grade 1 & 2 mental maths that will help your students improve in Mathematics. Your homework is set for the year! Just print and go! These resources are grade 1 and grade 2 (30 weeks of grade 1 & 30 weeks of grade 2), giving you excellent differentiation. It’s a great resource for homework, daily warm ups, rotations or extra activities. Mental maths is crucial and must be done daily. This resource will help! I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Need More Grade 1 Worksheets?

For more grade 1 worksheets, check out addition and subtraction worksheets. There are some great worksheets there! For more 1st grade worksheets, check out Home School Maths. They have a range of free resources that will save your time and brighten your classroom!

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