Grade 1 Algebra Worksheets

Free grade 1 algebra worksheets to help your students improve their understanding in Mathematics. Algebra can be tricky for little learners! It takes time and repetition. These worksheets are fantastic practice and will help your children improve their knowledge of algebra. Use these worksheets during addition & subtraction lessons. Alternatively, use them as homework! Simply click on the images below to download.

Algebra Worksheets - Easy

These free algebra worksheets have addition only. For more challenging questions, scroll down to the worksheets below.

Grade 1 & 2 Mental Maths

Algebra Worksheets - Challenging

These algebra worksheets include addition & subtraction will test students on their ability to recognize addition & subtraction situations. Ensure you explicitly teach your students addition & subtraction strategies, and then use these worksheets to practice!

Need More Grade 1 Worksheets?

For more grade 1 worksheets, check out addition and subtraction worksheets. There are some great worksheets there! For more 1st grade worksheets, check out Home School Maths. They have a range of free resources that will save your time and brighten your classroom!

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