Grade 5 Fractions of Numbers

Free grade 5 fractions of numbers worksheets to give your students the practice they need. This can be a tricky mathematical concept and takes practice. Teach your students how to find fractions of numbers and use these worksheets for repetition. Remember to teach your students “divide by the bottom, times by the top”. This is a good way for them to remember the steps involved when finding fractions of numbers. Use the fractions of numbers lesson below in conjunction with the worksheets. Your students will be masters in no time! If you require more free worksheets in this area, check out Math Salamanders. They have a simple explanation of how to find fractions of numbers and also a bunch of great free worksheets.

Fractions of Numbers Lesson

Use this fractions of numbers lesson in conjunction with the worksheets below. It’s free and ready to go! If you’d like the PowerPoint version to adjust it for your class, just click here. I hope you find it useful!

Fractions of Numbers Worksheets

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