Grade 6 Subtraction Worksheets

Free grade 6 subtraction worksheets to help your students develop their efficiency in Mathematics.  Subtraction in grade 6 becomes more of a mental math skills. These worksheets will have your students using mental math strategies to solve them. Challenge your students to time themselves and to do all questions mentally. Alternatively, use them as homework! They’re ready to print and they will help your class improve their subtraction mental math skills.

Grade 4-7

70 weeks of daily mental maths.

Subtraction Worksheets

Mental Math Worksheets

For more mental math practice and subtraction work, check out grade 6 mental math worksheets! They will challenge your students and have them honing in on all of their mental math strategies. For more challenging subtraction worksheets, check out K5 Learning. They have many fantastic free worksheets to help your students work on subtraction.

Personification Lesson

This personification lesson includes a PowerPoint, activities and a worksheet. All ready to go to save your time!