Grade 3 Mental Math Worksheets

Grade 3 mental math worksheets to help your students develop their recall in Mathematics. Doing mental maths daily is vital to improving and these free worksheets are perfect! They can be used for daily warm ups to begin your lesson. Print one for each student or have them write it in their mental math books. Alternatively, they are great for homework. Hand them out on Monday and mark them as a class on Friday. Your students are certain to improve their recall in a variety of mathematical concepts. These worksheets include addition, subtraction, multiplication, halving, shapes, algebra and adding decimals. Need more mental math worksheets? Checkout my TpT store by clicking on the images below!

Daily Mental Maths

Daily Mental Maths - Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication

Too Easy? Try Grade 4 Mental Math Worksheets!

Find these worksheets too easy for some of your more advanced students? Try grade 4 mental math worksheets by clicking the link or picture below. For more mental math worksheets, check out Math Salamanders. They have 10 free mental math worksheets that cover a range of mathematical topics! They’re another great resource to develop your students’ mental math skills.

These grade 4 mental math worksheets include multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, time, fractions of numbers, shading fractions, rounding, conversions and patterns! Teach these mental math concepts in isolation and then practice with these worksheets. For your more advanced students, use these in timed challenges! Talented math students love to test themselves and these worksheets are perfect!

Grade 6 Mental Math Worksheets

That’s right! We’re skipping grade 5 and going straight to grade 6 mental math worksheets for your super mathematicians! But seriously, feel free to check out grade 5 mental math worksheets

These grade 6 mental math worksheets focus heavily on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They’re a real challenge for your quick thinkers and speedy mathematicians!

Personification Lesson

This personification lesson includes a PowerPoint, activities and a worksheet. All ready to go to save your time!