Grade 6 – Area & Perimeter

Grade 6 Area Worksheets

Free grade 6 area worksheets to help your students develop their skills in Mathematics. Finding the area of compound/composite shapes is challenging! Teach your students the steps involved and use these worksheets to practice. Your students will become master of finding the area of compound shapes!

Grade 4-7

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Area of compound shapes

Finding the area of composite / compound shapes is not as tricky as your students think! It just takes practice. Use these worksheets below to help your students, and then, use the PowerPoint above to get your students applying their knowledge to real world situations. Your students will be masters of area and perimeter in no time!

Area Activity

This free area activity is an engaging way for your students to work on the area of composite shapes. This mathematical concept can be challenging, but it just takes practice! This rich task has students finding areas, adding large numbers and finding percentages of numbers. This is a complete lesson, ready to go! Simply click the image on the left to download the question sheet and the image on the right to download the worksheet. Don’t worry about answers, I’ve got you covered! If you’d like the PowerPoint version to adapt it to your class, just click here!

Area & Perimeter Activity

These free grade 5 and 6 area and perimeter worksheets will help your students apply their knowledge in this area. Real world application is important when working with area and perimeter and this little activity will help! Click the pictures below for the task cards and worksheet. Click here if you’d like the PowerPoint version so you can adjust the questions for your class! Make this a fun activity your students can work on during your maths lesson. Challenge them to see who can get the correct final answer! And of course…teacher answers are there you 😉 

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