Math Games & Activities

Free math games and activities to engage your students in learning! We all know that maths can become mundane if we don’t keep children on their toes. Uses these math games to give a bit of spark to your math lessons. Check them out below!


PowerPoint Games!

I love playing PowerPoint games with my class. At the end of lessons, it’s a great chance to review information in a fun and engaging way. I split my class into teams, with one person in each team recording points. Use these free games to have fun in maths! Click on the left image to download.

Adding Fractions Board Game

Fractions can be tricky! It takes time and repetition. Playing board games is the best way to engage your students and have them work on fractions at the same time. The yellow board game has like denominators. The green one has unlike denominators but same multiples. The blue board game is the most challenging with unlike denominators. Click on the images below to download. 

Grade 3 & 4 Printable Games

Mental maths should be fun! I try to play mental math games every day with my students. Use these games to engage your children and have them working on mental math skills!

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