Grade 3 Word Problem Worksheets

These word problem worksheets for grade 3 will help your students apply their knowledge of the four operations. Doing simple equations is easy! Applying your knowledge to answer word problems is the real challenge! These free worksheets are a great way for your students to work on solving word problems. The worksheets include addition, subtraction and multiplication. For more word problem worksheets, check out MashUp Maths. They have a bunch of great free word problem worksheets to help your students in Mathematics.

Word Problems

Grade 4/5 Word Problem Task Cards

Daily Math Word Problems are vital to student development in Mathematics. This resource has 50 task cards, available in worksheet form with answers. Applying mathematical knowledge to solve word problems is extremely important. Some students understand how to solve equations but struggle to apply their knowledge when solving word problems. Doing daily word problems has helped my class a lot and I hope these flash cards will help yours!

Grade 3 Math Lessons - Ready to Go!

Need some math lessons that are ready to go? Check out these lessons that have PowerPoints, worksheets and puzzles. They make your lesson prep so easy!

Personification Lesson

This personification lesson includes a PowerPoint, activities and a worksheet. All ready to go to save your time!