Grade 3 Mental Maths | Version 4

Daily Mental Maths 4 has 10 weeks of mental maths that requires no prep! Print and go! Help your students improve their skills using a variety of mental maths concepts. This resource is great for daily warm ups, homework, rotations, extra activities or whole class work. Mental maths is very important and must be done daily to ensure students get that important repetition. This resource contains concepts from Daily Mental Maths 1, 2 & 3, which makes it a great review to the previous concepts, especially when you come to the end of the year.

Math concepts:

– Addition

– Subtraction

– Multiplication

– Place value

– Shapes

– Equal to, greater than, less than

– Algebra

– Adding decimals

– Time

– Fractions

– Algebra

– Decimals

– Words to numbers / numbers to words

– Halving

– CM & M / G & KG

– Write the operation

– Number patterns

– Ordering numbers